Fingerprint Pad Lock

Fingerprint Pad Lock





Support 360° arbitrary direction pressing fingerprint recognition;

72*64 Sensor matrix;

Resolution 508DPI;

ESD: +/-12kV air, +/-8kV contact;

FRR: <1%;

FAR: <0.002%;

Identification time: <300mS


Product power consumption

Unlocking working current: 180MA;

No motor working current: 3MA;

Standby current: 16uA;

The solution has the advantages of low power consumption and long standby, a 300MAH polymer lithium battery, the longest standby time is up to 2 years, and the maximum number of unlocking times is up to 2500 times.

If the battery is short, the battery can be unlocked in an emergency. After connecting the charger, you can directly press the fingerprint to unlock it.




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